September 25, 2007

A rough night.

It was a rough one! How do you explain to a two year old that she should be sleeping all night? I'm trying to wean her from night nursing but she's not having it and will spend up to 30 minutes WAILING! I feel like I am torturing her. I may have to give in. At least when I was nursing her at night I was the only one getting woken up. Now the whole neighborhood is probably awake. I've spoken with other parents and have gotten some good advice... A security blanket or other comfort item, showing her how her "baby" can go to sleep. I try to give her water but all that does is have her wake up for that and then still want to nurse. I cuddle her, she kicks. I sing, she screams wildly. I put her in the other room in her brothers unused bed and she flails and kicks, hits her head... UGH! And me on decaf! I thought that maybe my caffeine intake had something to do with it but I don't think so. I can have a little or a lot and it makes no difference. We'll this isn't getting bead made. I have 10 days of work to cram into 5 and I'm finding lots of distractions. Calder and Naomi are always ready for Halloween!

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