November 6, 2007

Work, work, work.

And play a little too! I took the kidlettes to see "Bee Movie" It was cute and Jerry Seinfeld is great! I couldn't tell if the last 20 minutes were just a bit over the top or I'm completely sleep deprived. Even for an animated feature, I just suddenly couldn't take anymore of the unplausableness of it. Let's just say I liked the first hour and (no pun intended) let it bee. I am still in LOVE with Ratatouille! Give me any movie with France or food in it and I'm all over it! Amalie! LOVE it.

I am so looking forward to Thanks Giving! I want to spend time with my big boy and girl and just make food and sleep in late and visit with Aunt Kookie (She has a lot on her plate) pun intended! My problem is that I stay up too late and then end up not sleeping in. Which requires more and more caffeine to keep me up and running. Then I become a stressed out mess and start having the dang heart palpitations again!!! Vicious cycle... I love my coffee... Speaking of which... Art Bead Scene is having it's monthly challenge and this month (November) it is Coffee Haus! So if you have any beaded coffee related jewelry submit it and you may win a cool prize (see the Art Bead Scene for details!)

I am really pleased with the new little "Frames" that will be coming out of this next firing... Check back for color photos shortly! Happy Fall!!!


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

ooh, I like the new frames! Have you thought of doing empty ones for the scrap bookers and the people who are doign all that cool resin stuff lately. I think they would be great for that!

You are the second person today who said they liked Ratatoullie for its foodie qualities. LOL! I like rats more than bees, but I would probably like both of them. I'll wait for the DVDs though.

Hey thanks for mentioning Art Bead Scene. You have some great pendants that would be great art beads for it!

Gaea said...

Thanks Melanie! Ratatoullie is just amazing! I live for the Pixar stuff! That is a great idea about the blank frames! I sometimes forget that less can be more! I have a whole list of other "frames" to add and that will be one of them!