March 7, 2009


I had a light bulb moment this week. Sometimes the sparks fly and you are firing on all cylinders other times, well not so much... I'm sure you know what I mean. And sometimes life gives you a reminder that it is ok to ask questions, many of them. I was working on that "Jump, Ring! Jump!" project and there were a few instructions that I'd been given for it. Well, I guess I was expected to buy the jump rings and texture them, but why on earth would I pass up the opportunity to "do it my self" and learn something in the process. Many things actually. So, 10 million handmade jump rings and seven projects later and many calluses and bruises to boot I came to the realization that "store bought" was what was actually required of me. Ohhhhh! That wasn't the light bulb moment though, were getting there... So I'm told that if I redo them with store bought rings and texture those that I can redo the projects and they would be considered. I kick it into high gear and do the research. I'm all over etsy! I'm all over the web! I'm cost comparing! I'm time comparing shipping and my deadline! I'm getting really freaked out that I have to waste all those lovingly pounded and textured jump rings. And then it happens! That light bulb clicks on (I swear I could hear the click!) and thought well If I offer them in my shop then they would be "store bought"! With a flutter in my good hand and a glimmer of hope in my heart I send an email with my proposal! And.... It's a go! If I can offer plain jump rings as well they will accept the projects!!!! So, starting next week I will be offering plain and not so plain jump rings in my shop! Thank you inner light bulb! And not a moment too soon!


Dr. Denise Tucker said...

Love the jump rings. I haven't been very successful making my own yet. BTW, your pendants are a hit! I am off for spring break this week and I went exploring and two shops in town are wanting to carry my jewelry now. I had a box of your pendants in hand, and they loved them! Watch my blog for posts of complete GAEA projects!!!

Gaea said...

Hi Denise,
I'm so glad you are enjoying the pendants!!! Congrats on the interest in your jewelry! You go girl!