January 19, 2010

Hey! Sold my first silver piece!

Bye-bye button! The little silver daisy button from my etsy shop is on it's way to a new home! I hope it does me proud!

I really, REALLY want to make a ring but am not yet comfortable with the silver clay yet. It does have a mind of it's own sometimes! Here is another little charm that I have a few ideas in mind for! Some leather! Some Turquoise! Some ceramic! Wheee!~


inojai said...

Is this a new medium for you? If so you are doing well with it...is silver clay a good percent silver? Your skull is great and thank you for the comments on my blog..

Gaea said...

It is silver! 99.9% I believe. It is new to me. I started playing with it back in November. Thank you! XO