May 28, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth!

We had a whirlwind weekend at the happiest place on earth! You know it! The Mouse's House! The BIG D! Disneyland! A good friend had free tickets and how could we say no?! The last time we made the trek, Calder was 5 and Magnolia was 1 1/2! We hatched a plan for it to be a surprise. I tell you, making plans in secret is a trick! We had to rent a car to take our whole little group, which is usually a tip off that something is up. Luckily our cars are such POS's that we can give a realistic excuse for the rental!

We even went as far as getting up for school, packing lunches, driving up to the school for drop off (we nearly ran over the principal!) As we drove to school we made statements like "Wow! It sure is a beautiful day! It would be a shame to spend it inside!" and "What should we do today? We have this great rental! We could drive almost anywhere!" As we pulled through the drop off lane I told Robert to just pull through and we'd find a spot to park. Darn, nowhere to park! We pulled down the block and asked Calder if he minded walking from there (something we've never done!) He looked confused but said "OK." Then I turned around and asked if he didn't mind if we parked a bit further away, "The exercise will be good for you!" and Robert just kept on driving. We got a few blocks away and asked "Should we skip school today?" Calder was shaking is head vigously YES and Magnolia was horrified that she would miss school. I said "Ok, let's get some breakfast and go in late." Tee hee he! We drove about 15 miles to have breakfast and then headed out asking "Is this the way back to school?" We then drove to pick up our friends! At their house they asked "Should we go for a picnic?"

Can you dig C3PO?

I thought for sure the street signs with the word disney all over them would have tipped the kids off. Nope! Not until we pointed to a shuttle van with the famous scrolly Disney font and the words Disneyland did we get a flicker of recognition! The perfect surprise! Ya!

We had 12 whole hours of fun! Can we do it again!?!?!?


EmandaJ said...

How Fun!! It brings to mind the time my folks took us (my brother and me) out of school to drive way out in the country to follow the steam train "The Flying Scotsman" back into town on its only American journey.

Saw The Flying Scotsman again in Scotland about 5 years ago.

TesoriTrovati said...

Can you adopt me? Please?!
That sounds like the best kind of fun. I would love to see the looks on your kids faces. That is a memory they will not likely forget! My parents did something like that once for Christmas. Typically the last present under the tree was something really to be treasured. We got done that year and my dad said he found one more. It was a small box. Inside were seashells, sand and some plane tickets (the old fashioned kind before e-tickets). I knew what it was but couldn't read the gibberish. Finally I looked up and said, "Why are you sending my sister and I to Florida?" They laughed and said that we were leaving the NEXT DAY for Florida for Disneyworld and staying in the Contemporary Hotel on the monorail. It was incredible they kept packing a secret for a month!
Enjoy the day!

Beatnheart said...

have as much fun as you can...

Janet said...

Awww that was the sweetest story Gaea! Yall must of had alot of fun! Awesome lol..(hey come see my blog and look at my latest news..kinda real excited!!)

Marsha Neal Studio said...

That is just too cool! I've done that with Chloe so far (but she is only 2.5 yrs old and it's not as exciting yet to miss school) and we usually go to Longwood Gardens. I love stuff like this... You guys are great!

Radu Prisacaru – UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer said...
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Gaea said...

I wish we could do it again! Such a good time!