March 7, 2011

Gold Rush!

 My grand parents lived in gold rush country in the mountains near Yosemite and I would spend a few weeks over summer vacation there. One of the nearby towns was an old gold mining town with actual gold mining, a stage coach ride complete with armed bandits and a handmade sweets shop. I remember spending the day in the old town wandering up and down the old plank walk ways, watching the silversmith work metal and taking the stage coach ride endless times. I was brought back to that town while watching Rango. The colors and textures were so inspiring. Splintered old wood, shards of old glass. Dirt and sky! I had a hard time sticking to the story because the visuals were so amazing!


somethingunique said...

Good Monday to you Gaea, i was acually born in a town in Quebec called Val'D'Or that means valley of gold my Baba use to run a boarding house for the miners it was a small town with a lot of history i have fond memories of spending summers there as a child. Your little moons are so pretty ans as soon as i can get pictures i'll post what i made with my beautiful star & moon ttfn Lana

Gaea said...

Awesome! It must have been a scary time, the old west... Can't wait to see what you made!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I'm really digging these paisley textured pieces you are making! Very Yummy!!!