April 29, 2011

Bird on a Wire

I promised myself that when I was feeling better, which I am, and if I got all my work done, which I did, That I could play with some wire...

Love birds...  I am hoping to use these with my Earthenwood Design Team treasure this weekend!

This looks like kissing fish to me and was inspired by Shannon Levart's 

Turning Leaves Tutorial from her missficklemedia shop.

Making connected links is fun and relaxing. I'm really getting the feel for soldering. Happy Friday!


DK said...

Oh, wow. Those look great. I've been dragging my feet about learning soldering. I really, really like those bird links. I guess you could make them any shape you could imagine, huh?

Gaea said...

Hi DK! It is sooooo fun! I have been dragging my feet for years too! I generally like to keep the heat I work with safely out of reach, in a kiln... Not any more! Dive in!