October 12, 2011

TOP 6! Whoot!

Hey Guys! Guess what? My dear friend Dean has made it to the top 6 in the Washington Post Guest Advice Columnist contest!!!! Here is a note from Dean:

I'm now among the top 6 contestants vying to be a guest advice columnist for the Washington Post. I really, really appreciate everyone who voted, shared via Facebook, Twitter, blogs and emails. 

This round is a video, so my humiliation is 1 minute long and overpowered by the zippy green walls of my living room. 

If I remain in the running, the next (and final) round involves a live chat on Monday! 

Thanks for the support and all your kind comments.


Please go and vote!!!!



Lori's Glassworks said...

Just cast my vote for Dean. Good Luck Dean! Cheers!

Rebecca said...

I voted! Wtached the others too and I genuinely wanted to vote for Dean :-) Good luck to him! I liked how natural and himself he seemed.