December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Caitriona!

Here is why I love my friend Caitriona.... (In no particular order)

Her intelligence and her fantastic Irish accent makes any cursing rant she may go on sound like a song.

If I run to her crying about my latest F&%K up, she has an even more hideously funny tale to tell you about her own F&%K up.

She is tough like steel from having 3 teenage boys but she is sweet and kind through and through.

Her amazing art makes me squeal like a 1st grader high on candy!

Did I mention her fantastic cursing. (I just love that)

Happy Birthday Caitriona!

How amazing is this...


Yolanda M. said...

What a sweet post Gaea! Caitriona's work is so beautiful! I immediately hearted her store. Happy Birthday to her!

Yolanda M. said...
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Yolanda M. said...

Sorry, I don't know why that double posted :).

somethingunique said...

Hi Gaea,,,such a sweet post...good friends...good thing...ttfn Lana :)