April 21, 2012

Summer? Fired Up!

Well.... We went from thunder and lightning and cold to 100. Can't we ever just easy into a season?

A few weeks ago we invested in a gently used Cress Kiln. It needed a few minor repairs that Robert was kind enough to do. We are not sure how old the elements are so I did a test firing with a few open heart bowls. Everything looked good so I fired a full load yesterday and I'm sitting on my hands, waiting to open it! This is our second Cress in the same model and it has taken me a while to get used to loading a round shaped kiln. The boxy Amaco kiln is much easier for me to figure out for stacking and spacing. Live and learn...

Here are the small bowls/dishes that came out. Only one out of the 10 fired had a crack but that was because I accidentally folded some air into the clay! Doh.

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