May 13, 2012

Art Bead Scene - Lucky Mom Bracelet - Free Project

I love the saying, "There is one perfect child. Every mother has one." I am pretty sure I have two. When my little ones ask "What was it like when you were my age?", It just melts my heart and I feel so lucky to be able to answer them. My grandmother had a charm bracelet that would mesmerize me. When I asked, sometimes the charm had a special story "We were on vacation in Mexico..." or "Your mother picked that out with grandpa for my birthday." Other times the memory was not so clear...

The memory of that bracelet made me think how lucky I am as a mom. The little sweet thing our children say and do, tinkle and shine like little charms in our hearts.

As a parent, I am far from perfect, but I am perfectly lucky.
Lucky Mom Bracelet

Lucky pewter charm
Ceramic bird charm
3 ceramic heart charms
Kiss charm
7 polymer spacer beads
16 ceramic mini beads
6 jump/split rings
2 crimp beads
2 crimp covers
Stringing wire
Copper hook and ring

Wire cutters
Crimp tool

1. Add jump/split rings to charms and arrange your beads and charms into a balanced design.
2. Attach stringing wire to copper hook with a crimp bead. Cover crimp with crimp cover.
3. String beads and charms onto wire and add copper ring after final bead.
4. Close with crimp bead and cover.

Polymer spacer beads:
Ceramic beads and charms:

I am lucky to have many special memories with my mom and grand mother. What special jewelry memories do you have with yours?


Kathy said...

A perfectly lovely bracelet!

I could go on and on about memories with my Grammy who has passed on now. I was so blessed to know her love. When I was little, I loved to look at my mother's jewelry. In particular, my favorite was a necklace my dad brought back from Vietnam for her. I still smile when I see her wear it. Now she wears many of my creations! :-)

Libellula Jewelry said...

I love how you combined polymer clay beads with your ceramic beads. It adds just the right amount of variation and pattern. Pretty!