October 1, 2012


I will try not to whine too much about the 108 degrees that are todays predicted high. I will instead focus on the firing that is midway and the Halloween goodies inside...

Charms drying and begging for some color!

My wishful thinking for today.

No season needed to love an elephant!


Sherri Stokey said...

LOVE the Halloween pieces, ma'am! I would like a couple skull buttons with loop backs - I tried to order them on your site and got overwhelmed with the color choices! LOL Are you going to offere any of these seasonal pieces in your shop? Maybe I'll just watch & see what you've already made?

Genea said...

Ugh.. I remember those days this summer. It was weeks and WEEKS of those high temps. The only place to find some peace was in the pool! I hope you find a nice cool place to spend some time until the heat passes. Love the holiday beads and the elephant! xo Genea