July 3, 2013

Summer Earrings

Getting my earring kit out I was reminded that being handmade, each earring charm may be slightly different from it's intended mate. Does this bother me? No! In fact I love that they are not perfectly matched in  shape or size! They have character and personality! Two things that handmade goods, in general, should be chock full of! 

What perfectly imperfect project are you working on today?


Gale said...

I'm going to work on an imperfect tan on a cloudy beach.

Love those diamond components!

Gaea said...

Thank you, Gale! Enjoy your time in the shade!

Happy 4th!

Marie Cramp said...

My whole world seems to be full of imperfect things these days! I guess that makes it more interesting. Love the earring pairs! They really are perfectly imperfect!! :)

Karin G said...

I just seem to discover your blog although I've been admiring your work for quite a while! Where have I been?
I love imperfection , it multiplies the possibilities to dream. And I love these earrings, so fresh and so imperfect.