March 5, 2015

But a Bird On Your Cat! Book Reviews.

While it would be nice to think that I could pull up a soft over stuffed chair, pour myself a latte and dive into the complimentary copies of "Cats In Hats" and "Pretty Birds", both adorably sweet and creative titles, my reality looks more like an episode of I Love Lucy, on crack. I won't bore you with the details of influenza or fender benders but I truly had it in my heart to make at least one project from each book. The first thing I wanted to do is make cat toys with the cute little birds in "Pretty Birds". While I LOVE the idea of making the hats in "Cats In Hats" putting those hats on Pyewacket, Oni or Sweetie Pie would for sure put my life in danger. I need my skin. I did sit down and look through each book and love how sweet and beautiful they were. I loved that each project in Pretty Birds had a use for each project. It would be enough for these cute birds to just to get made let alone become ear muff birds. Although I've never crocheted or knitted, I could tell by the instructions in "Cats In Hats" that I could most likely complete a project which is no small feat. If you want to follow along, here are some other blogs participating as well as a way to enter the publishers raffle!

3/10 Sweet KM
3/12 Buzzmills

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