August 11, 2007

It was bound to happen.

I guess all the stress of the week finally caught up with me. I now have the flu with a fever and raw throat. At least my packages have been shipped out so nothing is pressing. I did have a few packages come back underposted. Darn it! I just can't remember the new postage rules. Is it an envelope or a package? The gal measuring it wasn't convincing me that it was oversized! Hmmm... Judgement call. I was supposed to bring my jewelry to a small local event today and spent this week making loads of earrings because I thought they would be well recieved. I almost forced myself to go, I was looking forward to this event but Robert convinced me that I wouldn't be a good idea. Disapointing for sure, but for the better. I guess I will have them for next time. It has been on my project list to add some earrings to the web site so now at least I have the time to photograph them and get them on a page! These are some of the old style earrings. The new ones have wacky wire wraps and no dangling glass beads...

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