August 8, 2007


It has been quite a week and weekend. My big boy has been sick this week. First with a fever and flu and now a cough. Lots of catch up work to be done around the house like the pile of laundry that is taller than a 6 year old... dead printers, disrespectful neighbors (Yes. We mind if you water our plants and for the third time, stay off our property!). We did manage to have some fun at the county fair. Calder rode the rides, ate the ice cream and won a second prize for his water color titled "Sea Monsters Hand In The Jar". I wonder if anyone reads the titles? No prizes for my photos but it is still fun to see all the great photos and points of view. We had corn dogs, the real reason we go to the fair! My mom has never had a corn dog. Never. Not even accidentally. You just haven't lived. I know they are hideous. I can't help it...Melanie, would you make me a corn dog charm? : ) Mom did win 6 blue ribbons for her poety! Go Mom!

P.S. My girl Noli looked so sweet I had to post her pic to brighten my day!


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

awww, what a sweetie!

NO! No corn-dog beads! yuck! LOL! I acutally have made some hot dog charms, but that's not quite the same.

I do like the veggie dog corndogs from mornignstar if I am wanting a bit of a corn-doggy guilty pleasure. At a fair, I think the kettle corn or funnel cakes would tempt me before a corn dog, though.

Silvia e Paulo said...

Just to say hello!!!!! I love your ceramics pieces... They are so nice!!! I'm a "ceramista" from Brazil and I'm now very busy on my bottons... Well done!!!! By the way, what is exactly a corn dog?

Silvia e Paulo said...

Just to say hello. I love your ceramics pieces... They are so nice! I'm a "ceramista" from brazil and I'm now busy on my bottons. Well done! By the way, what is exactly a corn dog?

Gaea said...

Hi Silvia e Paulo,
Thank you for the kind words! A corn dog is a hot dog dipped into corn bread batter and deep fried. Really unhealthy, but so tasty! I would love to see your buttons. Check out the beads of clay web site... and the yahooo group as well!