September 4, 2009

I am finding these little pebble beads to be a real joy to work with! They seem to just "fit" right in with out my having to think real hard and I need that right now. The earrings are made with pebble beads and have been color dipped to show off the crackle glaze!

It isn't a good time for us to take a vacation right now, even though we would love to take one, so we are having a fun movie "stay in and play" weekend! I have a few projects to start or finish up and extra time is always appreciated!

One of the projects that has been needing a good tackle is my jewelry tags. I was using 1/2 of a business card but it is a bit bulky to put on a more delicate necklace. I'm opting for a 1/6th business card size and have added a tiny pendant to each one in 6 different styles! Fun!

Have a fantastic weekend all!


mairedodd said...

i really love your pebble beads... they are so great... and your tags look great - really proportionate to the pendants... have fun this weekend, we're in the same boat! but at least it's 3 days...

TesoriTrovati said...

Love the beads. They look like eggs. I think they would be fun to wrap into a wire nest...try it with your copper than antique it. It will look great!

I love your tags too. I use a business card that is blank on the back but I write a lot about each necklace. I like your little charms on the bottom. I have ones that I had an Etsian make me with a custom skeleton key image. But a smaller size would be great. I am thinking of ordering Moo cards for just such a thing.

Thanks for the inspiration!
Enjoy the weekend!

Gaea said...

Thanks ladies! I have so much fun with paper projects! My next project is to make a flip/press book for my Made In Ojai shop customers.

hint said...

cool tags! I spent last month trying to sort this out too. I love how you put little colorful images of your charms on each :)