September 29, 2009

Wired up!

This weekend I was playing with some wire and trying to keep cool. It's been in the 100's all week! They say it should break today. Fingers crossed! These are some of the ear wire designs that popped out. They will eventually have gems and ceramic beads on them. The ear wires are fun to make and remind me a bit of Alexander Calder, a favorite artist of ours, and our sons namesake. His work is playful genius! Check him out!


maryharding said...

Very nice ear wires Gaea. Hope you keep cool. I envy you your warm weather, even though it seems hotter than I ever remember it being when I lived in Tucson. Calder is great. So glad you brought him up. His work has a wonderful simplicity, but it is also a complex engineering feat, as is jewelry, at times.

Gaea said...

I just adore his work! We got to see a retrospective in San Francisco in 1998! Watched workers trying to fix one of the kinetic sculptures, stood in awe of his stabiles and mobiles. And his jewelry?!?!? Love!