October 19, 2009

Huuuuu. Hoooo. Hhhhhh!

Ojai Day was.... THE HOTEST DAY EVER. EVER. I wanted to cry. I did. Just a little. Not enough to scare people. But, I did. Hot. It was a busy day but markedly less traffic than years past. It was hot. Did I mention the weather was warm. Have we reached the sun yet. I know! I know! But I just can't get over how, well, mind melty it was!!! Joelle, I hope you and the kids were somewhere cool. But I feel like I made so many fun things! It did give me a chance to play with the beads and come up with some fun new bracelets. My good friend Caitriona kept checking in on me to make sure I didn't melt into the pavement and brought me the most wonderous icy cold soda! THANK YOU CAITRIONA! I have to say people have the best ideas about what they want and letting them design al fresco is a hoot! I have to guide the littlest designers as they tend to want one of every thing on a cord for "mom". If I thought mom's back would survive it I'd say what the heck. I love watching the kid play with the beads!


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Sorry it was so hot. I'll trade you a little bit of that heat for the frost we had this morning. Glad to hear it was still a good show.

SummersStudio said...

Wow, look at all those gorgeous bracelets. Sorry it was so hot. I've done hot market days and I've cried a little too. The design al fresco idea is great. That's sounds like so much fun!

Gaea said...

I love getting out of the house with the beads and people are there to have a good time so that is always fun. But geeeezzz! Over 100 I tell you!

EmandaJ said...

Hello Gaea,

I hate the heat. I'll gladly trade someone's portion of winter if they will just take away may part of summer here in North Texas -- yikes!

BTW, I've posted a photo with all the necklaces from the Round Robin Swap (#1)on my blog. Check it out if you wish. www.ArtemisiaStudio.blogspot.com