December 23, 2009

Oh my STARS!

This stars button has been made into a button bracelet which I am particularly fond of. These little art clay buttons are fast becoming a favorite of mine...

So, have you gotten all your holiday ducks in a row? Mine are still woefully running amuck! I'm getting by on too much chocolate and gossip with friends (the friendly sort of course!) But I will tell you, this holiday season has been trying. I've been apologetic to people who may need to hear the hard truth. I'm hoping the holiday spirit stays with me to get me on through to the next year and beyond. If you are feeling the biting cold of the season instead of the warm glow, just know you are not alone and give yourself a hug!

Merry Merry everyone!


Lorelei said...

Show us the bracelet you made with the button!!! I love this art clay stuff you are making. I hope you are considering selling them in your shop!??!
Merry Christmas my friend. I hope it's a good one!

Gaea said...

Hi Lorelei!
Merry Christmas! I am sending some as submissions to magazines so I may be putting one of a kind art clay pendants in my etsy!

Have a great Christmas! And a wonderful New Year!