September 21, 2010

Whoooo! Where Does The Time Go?

We spent Saturday at the L.A. Zoo to do a late birthday celebration with grandma for the kids. It was such a good time. It seemed like the zoo had so many improvements since the last time we went 4 years ago. They are currently working on a HUGE new elephant compound. It looks like it will be amazing!

Sunday I got a bug up my bum to find Robert and I new phones. I didn't intend to but we ended up walking out of the Verizon store with the new Fascinate! Maybe it was how helpful and friendly they were or the fact that they set up the kids with cartoons while we shopped... or because they were having a buy one get one free deal... or maybe because I was sick of trying to squeeze the most out of my 100 minute a month plan for the last 15 years... or maybe because I'm crazy... either way, we love them! I know I will have a Homer Simpson moment when the bill comes though! LOVE IT!


Made new bundles for my etsy
Sent out etsy orders
took photos of etsy bundles
made a necklace
sent a huge box of goodies to a consignment shop
made a huge pile of jump rings
payed rent at the Made In Ojai shop
bought potting soil for science class
tried to watch Killers while making beads

Finish watching Killers (it's ok)
list items on etsy
help teach science for the 4th graders
gather jewelry for another consignment shop
wash laundry, maybe
wash dishes, have to
take a nap, I wish
make lots and lots and lots of beads....

So I am now in GET-IT-DONE-NOW!!!! mode and will be trying to squeeze in some new designs for magazine submissions! AHHHH!

What are you up to today?

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