October 19, 2010

Bid On Me! Andrew Thrornton Needs Our HELP!

Many of you may know Andrew Thrornton from his beautiful jewelry designs and his published work in Stringing and other beading magazines. If you don't know Andrew, just know that he is an amazing artist and generous person. If you follow his blog you may know that he generously donates his work and time to help other artists and friends by auctioning his art for their benefit. If you've been following his blog you may also know that he recently found out he has cancer. A scary thought for anyone. Being an artist has its perks like creative freedom and making your own hours. It also has some not so perky perks like unstable finances and a lack of health insurance. I think you know where I'm going with this...

In an effort to help Andrew and his mounting medical bills I will be hosting an auction! All the money will go directly to Andrew. Three separate posts will be put up to bid on. Bidding will start tomorrow and end next Tuesday, October 26th at Noon PST. THANKS!

P.S. You can find awesome charms and goodies like the ones above in Andrews Big Cartel Shop!

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