January 3, 2011

The Bend.

That is what the beginning of a new year feels like to me. I'm approaching a blind corner and nothing is visible until I turn it. Like turning a corner into the unknown. My mind visualizes the year as a spiral always turning. The universal screw. I don't really like thinking about what maybe around the bend or trying to plan for it. Too logical for me. But I do usually feel optimistic about the future. No point in being other wise.

It has been cold in these parts. Not as cold as the snow the other coast is having, but cold for sunny So. Cal. It makes a cozy cup of tea and a snuggle in the blankets that much more enjoyable. It also makes it difficult to leave my cozy warm tea and blanket cocoon to play with the cold wet clay. But I did. It's good to have work. Here's what happened...

A little of this.

A little of that.

It will get glaze. It will get glaze. It will get...

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Anonymous said...

I love these! Glad you got out of your cocoon! :)