February 13, 2013

World Spinning

My world seems to spin in a regular rotation but occasionally my rotation gets bumped, in a good way! The lovely thing about living in a community with lots of creative people is the chance to collaborate with other artists and crafts people. The project is in the "talking" phase so I don't want to jinx it with too much talk. I can say that the project does involve my clay and drawings. My initial reaction is how am I going to fit one more thing into my life. But when I think about it, how can I not welcome this creative  but slight divergence from the everyday rotation! Emails have been sent! Fingers are crossed!

In other news... This happened in my etsy shop....


Tracy Statler said...

Sounds wonderful - good luck with your new venture. I wanted to let you know I got your mushroom house and it is so cute. My daughter loves it!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Yes good luck. I like your pieces very much. They all seem to bring joy. The colors are amazing.

Happy V day

Lisa Chase said...

Hi There:
I was looking for an email to ask you an industry related question since you are very expert at what you do, but I could not find one on your blog or website. I am an art teacher in Comox,BC. We usually use Plainsman cone 04 low fire clays and they work OK for making pendants or beads, but I was wondering if you use a clay body that might work better for bead and pendant making. Any help would be appreciated.


gwenbeads said...

The acorn set is really lovely!