June 19, 2013

Summer List

I wilt at the thought of summer temperatures. Heat and I do not get along. I remember passing out from the excess heat as a child. Not fun. I prefer fog and cool and the heat to be emanating from my cup of coffee not from every direction around me! As the days have been warming up (soon to over boil!) and in an attempt to tolerate what is sure to be a long hot summer, I have compiled a list of things that I enjoy about this season...

Iced coffee
Summer vacation
Time with my kiddos
Lunch everyday on the patio
Bright colors
Water mellon
Water park
Clear blue skies
Staying up late (more than we should)
Waking up late (occasionally)
Sweet tea
Frisbee in the park
Summer reading
Mid week movies
Creating new work
Beach days (not so much the sand)
Looking forward to the fall

These colors of summer will land in the etsy shop today at noon...

One of these gift with purchase pendants will be available to the first 5 people who add one to their order!

I heart summer? At least I'm trying!

Have a great summer!


Janet said...

Wonderful things to do Gaea! I know you'll have a jam packed summer with the kiddos! Wonderful beads as usual!

Gaea said...

The kiddos do pack things with jam! :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Those last beads make my heart twitter! Summer should be jam packed. I am trying to pack in as much as possible and I don't want to miss a thing! Enjoy the day. Erin

Mischelle said...

I so love the orange owl.
Love the summer list. I am soo not excited for the HOT weather that should be arriving soon :( Try to stay cool.

Alice said...

I nearly passed out while riding my bike on a country road when I was a kid. I was the smaller of twins and just didn't have the stamina that my sister had, much to the frustration of my dad who thought I should just power through it. Even now I can't bear to be out in the heat for long.

I love your summer list,and of course your lovely beads!

carol higgins said...

NEED several of the "Wave" pendants...(6)???? Colors are your option....:-))))

Gaea said...

Thanks guys! I guess summer has gone into hiding! It's been cool and overcast the last few days!