December 26, 2013

Dish It Up

The holidays are almost over and the year is nearly over as well. I tend to make hearts year round but with Valentines Day just around the corner, I amped up the hearty goodness! A few heart dishes are going to land in my Indiemade shop with sweet little spoons! perfect for a dash of sugar or a sprinkle of salt. Here is a list of the things you could use these special dishes for…

These dishes are perfect for holding...
spare change
a ring or two
a spoon while cooking
a tea bag
a bit of sugar 
a dash of salt
a little soap... or just your gaze. 
The smaller dishes have helped out around the studio by holding a few beads.





Cherrie Fick of En La Lumie're said...

Gaea I love these and they are very cute for everything. Great post.

Gaea said...

HI Cherrie! Thank you so much! I hope you are having a lovely new year!