February 13, 2008

The Golden Ring (a love story) final chapter

I met Robert through a friend. His ex girlfriend to be exact. She was fun and crazy in a way that only a Pisces can be. Wild hair. Wild words. Wild woman. One night she brought Robert to our late night, nightly Dennys coffee. She thought we would be good for each other. April 1st, 1990. April fools indeed. We talked about VW's and and movies. He was so cute and charming. I was sure they were together. I couldn't imagine him noticing me. I just had to know who this Robert fella was. So the next day I called her house. "Oh! You wanna know..." and the following spoken more loudly so as who ever might be in the next zip code would hear "...who my CUTE FRIEND IS? HEY ROBERT, GAEA WANTS TO KNOW WHO MY CUTE FRIEND IS?" Ugh. Thirty shades of crimson later she had us set up on a date. We drove around all night. Talking and laughing and having the best time. Getting to know each other. "I'm a Capricorn, January, 12th! And you?"....."February 6th... Aquarius." It was meant to be! The golden ring was for him and he was for me....

Happy Valentines Day!

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