February 24, 2008

It's all so glamorous!

I just adore the Oscars! Even if I've only seen a few of the nominated films the idea of people all dolled up and glammed out is just mesmerizing! The clothes and shoes and jewelry and the amount of time spent on this seemingly frivolous event is just plain fun! I like to think about all the behind the scenes people working hard to make every one look fab! I had my own tiny bit of glamour yesterday... shopping for some very pretty gems and the gem faire Saturday in Santa Barbara. I met a fellow jewelry designer Robin back in November at a jewelry sale hosed by a mutual friend. Luckily we timed out venture out (with out the kids this time!) between rain storms! I had some specific goodies in mind like some oh so glamours semi precious beads (chalcedony) but found quite a few fun and cheap goodies (oodles of seed beads)! We had a great time and just about couldn't walk out of the place with our booty! I only went a tad over budget but it was all worth it! I think the show could have used some artist beads and was sadly lacking in anything that wasn't mass produced. I've considered a booth but wondered about the cost ($600+ travel expenses) and the long hours away from my babies! Oh well... The Earth Day celebration is just around the corner... At least I will be well supplied to make jewelry!


Lorelei said...

Soooo jealous of these beautiful Briolettes!
They are just stunning! this must have cost you a fortune!

Gaea said...

They are stunning and I've been saving up for them! : ) They were not that bad... The bottom strand was about $8 and most of the others were about $17 with the exception of the Labradorite I think they were about $25. But since I put them on the credit card, If I don't pay them off this month... they will be more! ; P