April 21, 2009


Join in the trip down memory(ex) (get it memory/memorex) lane as we stroll down a road that for some of us needed some serious guard rails! That's right folks! It's a high school mix tape challenge! Sponsored by Heather over at Humblebeads! Nice! Er, Radical Dude! Oh. MI. GAWD! So "Pump up the Volume" and do a little chair dance to some of my H.S. faves! Thanks Heather! And head over to her blog to see the challenge rules and enter to win some awesome beads!

Who can't remember listening to to the Beastie Boy's "Brass Monkey" during driving class or dancing all night to "Pump Up The Volume"! I couldn't stop at just 5 favs so here are my 10 + 1! (see muzak player for song list!)

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Heather Powers said...

pump up the volume - you are killing me! Those were great, we've been listening to the whole list while we are over here packaging orders. Jess has a feeling you probably liked Sisters of Mercy too.

Gaea said...

Oh! See now were getting going. I may have to make the list even longer! Love and Rockets, Janes Addiction! AHHHH! I'll be thinking about it all day long! Now I'm addicted! It's funny. Some of the songs I think of from that time might not have been favorites so much as the memories of the time and how they are so linked. Like that certain smell that takes you back to grandma's house.

Anonymous said...