June 22, 2009

Donation made...

A drop in the world bucket, but every drop counts... Thank you again to Janet for her donation.

Your Confirmation Information

06/22/2009 10:19 AM (PT)
United States Association for UNHCR

Gaea Cannaday

Thanks you for your generous donation to USA for UNHCR.

As you no doubt know, this is a time of challenge. In Darfur, Sudan violence and war has forced over 2.7 million people to leave their homes. In Afghanistan, Iraq and Congo, millions more need both aid and protection.

With your gift, shelter, water, healthcare, and other life-saving assistance can be delivered to over 32 million refugees under UNHCR's care, most of them women and children.

Around the world, UNHCR is working to protect, assist, and provide durable solutions for those who flee persecution and war. Your support makes this lifesaving work possible.

We couldn't do it without you.

The following summarizes your contribution:
Payment Amount: $70.00
Reference ID: 93148533

United States Association for UNHCR contact information:
Email Address: info@usaforunhcr.org

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Janet said...

Oh Gaea what an honorary letter! And Im proud to of made this donation thru you! Thank you so much again for this opportunity, it was so well worth it!

Gaea said...

Your necklace is on it's way!

maryharding said...

Thanks again Gaea for organizing and inspiring us to participate in this wonderful project. I really enjoyed being a part of this and know that it is still reverberating in the world.