June 19, 2009


Congratulations Janet!!!

Contact me at: gaea (at) gaea (dot) cc

Your winning bid will go to UNHCR!

As grandma likes to say (me too for that matter!) "Wear it in good health!"

And thanks to everyone who placed bids!


TesoriTrovati said...

Gah! Darn it! I would have liked it but I didn't get back in time to outbid you Miss Janet! All in the name of a great cause. Enjoy the day! Erin

Katie said...

Congrats Janet! You're like those sneaky eBay'ers that sneak in at the last second to grab the prize :o) That's what I get for walking away from the computer...But, I am glad that this is all going for a good cause!!

Anonymous said...

congrats Janet!

Janet said...

Thanks for the Well wishes! I was really debating whether to go in and bid again, but at 15 till the hour I figd well go and do it! For a great cause and the Artisians who made it happen as well I cant wait for it to arrive. Im "chuffed to bits" as my Brit husband would say!(meaning soooo happy) Thank you Gaea for the opportunity! xox

Gaea said...

This was a lot of fun! I may have to do another charity auction in the future! Thanks for the bids and to Janet for her winning bid!

maryharding said...

Congrats Janet and thanks for adding me as a friend on Facebook. I am trying to find your page. Thanks for the great support of our artwork. Means a lot.