June 10, 2009

Tip toe...

Or stomp. What ever. Go with it. Maybe today is the day to just get out and see some. In their natural environment.

How much fun did I have drawing the leaves and butterfly? Too much! I say "STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!" and pick up pencil, crayon, ketchup... what ever is handy and make a quick sketch! GO! Don't judge! Just love it! Ok! Have a great day!

You still haven't seen "UP" yet have you? What'cha waitin' for?


Pandorasfork said...

Love the tulips!
Great shape and colours!
The leaves, stems, flower & butterfly look like a lovely, soft business card!
Okay, I took your advice...
I drew in my spilled coffee grounds on the counter this morning! : ))))) Woo-hoo!
Let the inner child fly (inner freak?!)
xx, CA

Gaea said...

you go Aunt C! Ok. Post a pic! You need a blog!