April 21, 2010

Getting my $%!& together!

The days are quickly counting down until Arbor/Earth Day! I am anxiously awaiting a new banner to be printed by Lynn, a fellow Made In Ojai Artisan! 

There are more things to do than I can wrap my head around and it may just spin off altogether with!

I need to make:
30 pairs of earrings
30 bracelets
25 necklaces
60 hair clips
as well as cards to go with each!




Boot ~C said...

acccckkk~ now I'M having trouble breathing!!!! I'm taking a break this week after the show this past weekend, I have almost a month til the next 3 day show. you go girl :)

Abeille à miel said...

Good luck, Gaea! your work is beautiful!

Pretty Things said...

Ready, set, GO! You'll get it done! :-)

Gaea said...

Thanks for your support! Chuga, chuga, chuga, chuga, choo, choo!