April 8, 2010

What's wrong with her?

I almost caused a scene at the post office yesterday!
And this is why...

I was finishing up some business at the post office counter and decided I couldn't wait to open a package from Andrew Thornton. And as I stood there opening it I literally heard that angelic "whaaaaaaaahhhh" sound and nearly fell over backwards at the beauty that lay inside! So then I went to my friend Joelles house and opened the package for her to see and it made the same magic sound and now rays of light came shooting out of it! Needless to say I'm more than pleased with his bead club! Fab! Thanks, Andrew!


TesoriTrovati said...

I know! Can you believe our good fortune? That Andrew has outdone himself every single time. This was one of the best purchases I have made all year! Enjoy the day, Gaea!

Mari said...

How can I join the club????


Gaea said...

Hi Erin! We lucky girls!

Hi Mari! Check out Andrews blog and contact (email) him! He may have room in the club!

Joelle said...

Yeah, prolly I'll be partially blind for life cuz of the rays. Still, totally worth it.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hi Gaea!

I'm glad that you're enjoying the Charm Club. I've put a lot of love into these little goodies and have been having fun coming up with the various charms. The funny thing is that I generally make a few different options to send off and in the end, just send them all or the ones I think came out best.

Thanks again for participating!