April 20, 2010

It's In The Bag!

I seem to be turning into a bag lady. Actually I've always been one. I must have a lot of baggage! HA HA! There have been some really nice bags lately and some friends my do well to mind their adorable orange Target finds lest they be purloined from under their nose!

Thankfully etsy has many an option to keep a bag crazy girl like me out of trouble!

These two adorable bags are MINE! MINE! MINE! But you can get one too! One is for the awesome new camera my family got me for mothers day. And the other is for my pencils.

I snatched this up at a silent auction! I could be happy with all, er any of the bags they offer! CUTE!
How friggin' cute is this one!!!! And its just the back side of the bag!

I bought an adorable eiffel tower print bag last fall from 
Sommer Designs, but this one would rock my world!

Ahhhh. The cuteness of a cute bag!


Beatnheart said...

cute stuff.

Abeille à miel said...

Those really are cute, Gaea! I'd love to get the owl one. Thanks for posting the link, too! :)

PS, LOVE the beads I won, can I just say that again? I'd love to buy some more if you have any! - Juliette

Gaea said...

Hi Juliette,
I do have more! Let me know...

Joelle said...


Gaea said...