February 10, 2011

Earthenwood + Gaea = Fun!

My Earthenwood Design Team package of goodies arrived a few weeks ago and held wonders of the ceramic beady sort! There were two problems. 1.)  Finding the time to play with them and 2.) Finding them!!!! I put them in my "safe" spot. The spot that was just for special things that I didn't want the dog to eat, the kids to "play" with or the cats to burry in the yard. A clean dust free place (ha!) that would be so secure that I would actually never find it again. Yah. Not good. So clever me, I decide I just pop over to Melanie's etsy shop and buy them.  With new package chained to my person I've actually made a bit of time (I'd hoped my new enamel work would have been included in the designs!) to play...

Since I am sending the designs off to Stringing for consideration, I'll only be showing bits and pieces!

1 comment:

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I'm super organized like that too. ;O) and I really like the bits you did show.