February 3, 2011


They are just so sugary and sweet! Like easter came early and is shaking it's booty at you! (That was quite a mental image.)


Prairie Emporium said...

love them!!!

Janet said...

Always sooooo wonderful Gaea! ox

Copper Diem said...

totally love them!

Jenn Zeeb said...

I just found your blog, while goggling art, WOW your stuff is GREAT!! I love your doodle art, if that is the right word "doodle". I am very much into making cards and am glad I ended up here. I think I mignt have to give my hubby the link for v-day, hehe.

Kokopelli said...

Lovely beads! Perfect for v-day and Easter!

Malin de Koning said...

You have no idea Gaea. I have avoided your blog for a few weeks because I know I can't stand seeing your beauties without buying them. Returning today after I used 7 of your beads in a bracelet last weekend (check it is for sale on Etsy now).

Aha, Yes I HAVE to get some more of your goodies soon. A bunch of facetted beads in various colours of course, and oh my look at those hearts. You'll hear from me soon.

From one of your earlier posts I would like to see that film "Steal Art ... something", simply because of the awesome cover/poster.

All my best,

(Word verifacation: .... for demon .... ???????)