September 29, 2011

See This Guy...

Vote for him! My dear and lovely friend Dean is in the first round of this contest!!! He is an awesome writer and all around person! PLEASE vote for him! Click the link that says "vote for your favorite" then click on his picture, it will highlight, and then hit the submit button! Please feel free to pass this along! GO DEAN!


somethingunique said...

Hi Little Missy, i saw a post earlier with an interview with you but the link didn't work :( and i'll go votes from Canucks count??? ttfn Lana

haha what a funny word ver.
murds i say that all the time when i talk backwards i always get my murds wixed up :P

Gaea said...

Hey Lana! That is too funny!

I believe it is open to the world to vote! Thanks for taking the time if you do! I have known Dean for 25 years. Love him!

Noemi said...

Ok, went to your link and read what Dean had to say.
Voted for him.
He is lucky to have you as friend.