September 12, 2011

Ups and Downs

Today was a roller coaster of a day. Up and down, all day long. I started out by getting a ton of work done and I had a few hours to visit with my friend Caitriona. She is a magical jewelry designer with a wicked sense of humor and awesome person all around. We talked about ways for her to promote herself and her work. The problem is she is very down to earth and does not like talking about herself. I say her work says enough on its own, even though her life story is fascinating. We talked about yesterdays somber mood and how I made, what feels like a mistake, in watching one of the many memorial stories that were on. I was up nearly all night just thinking about how many lives were lost. The tragedy is staggering.

The kids had great day in school so we decided to take a drive to Barnes and Noble. I checked my email as we were walking in and got a disturbing email from a lovely customer. Apparently her large order arrived except that the package was empty! She sent photos and sure enough the USPS Priority Mail pouch was mangled and everything inside gone! OH MAN! I usually insure larger orders but had forgotten that one! Lesson learned! Still, I feel terrible for this poor woman who was expecting to open a package and find something. I couldn't apologize enough. I'll be working overtime to replace it.

That made me a bit dizzy but I got myself to the magazine stand and found Creative Jewelry was out and I counted 5 projects (two of my own) using my pendants or beads! I was floored! I had a grin from ear to ear and Calder was pretty proud of his Mama! A BIG THANKS to Andrew Thornton, Denise Yezbak Moore, and Emma Thomas.

The kids made me smile and laugh.


Jo said...

What a day you've had! Congratulations about the magazine projects.

Alice said...

I watched several shows about 9/11 Sunday and Monday, and a few videos on the web. I tend to carry things like this on my shoulders for a while, and so I didn't get much sleep.

Congratulations to you on your magazine features!!!!! What a thrill it must be to find your creations in print. That would never get old.