January 9, 2008

Bead sisters...

I had a chance to read Melanie of Earthenwood Studio's blog today (thanks for the mention Melanie!) She was talking about simultaneous inspiration, and how this occurrence has happened to us quite frequently. We've had more that a few instances where our creative minds would have very similar ideas at the same time (bubbles, goddess figures, nature, words, lips...) I'm sure we are watching some of the same shows (Project Runway!!!), movies and listening to some of the same music, so it would be natural for any two like minded gals of the same generation to have similar view and ideas. It also seems natural for our works of clay to lean toward similar styles and themes. But it also almost seems supernatural when it happens with great frequency! We have never met in person (I look forward to the day when we do!) and have only spoken on the phone once, but we definitely have this fun and mysterious connection between us! Our styles are different, so similar themes are done in a different way (fun!)

When I was about 8 my Grandma Betty gave me a very beautiful and special necklace of cloisonné bubbles. It is very old and my Mom has a portrait of Grandma Betty wearing the necklace in the 1930's! It is such a special memory of my Grandma and it was the inspiration for the bubble pendants and beads!

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