January 28, 2008

They Are HERE!!!

What a learning experience! I should have made them less chunky or hollowed them out some how. There is more than $150 in raw materials (silver) and I don't know HOW much in labor costs! and it was all at Caitriona's expense! I am sending a few pieces back to get melted down because they are a bit chunky and maybe a bit unwearable and OMG! The cost! Not that I didn't "earn" it but COME ON! Caitriona and I will argue endlessly until she will not let me play with wax any more. I am officially addicted to the silver!


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

OMG they are fabulous! It's pretty cool to see your work in another material, eh?

So...are you greedily hoarding all of them to yourself? Or are you going to share?

Gaea said...

Sadly I am going to give most of them back to my friend to melt down again. Knowing how they look and feel helps to go a bit smaller next time! The bands on some of the rings really are unwearable. It is AMAZING to see them in another material and I am totally addicted! It feels like home! I've been wanting to do it since I was a 15! I only had to wait 23 years! It was worth it!