January 17, 2008

I finally did it!!!

Literally for decades now I've wanted to learn a bit about working with silver. My dear friend Caitriona (caitrionameek.com) is an amazing jewelry designer who works in silver and gold. I've been working with her to create business cards and and other promotional materials for her jewelry design business and she agreed to show me the ropes! She creates with wax and has it sent out to be molded. So we spent yesterday working with wax! Amazing! I worked with it like I work with clay which was different from her technique so we got to share a bit with each other. I made a few "frames" to dangle a ceramic bead and a few rings and ring bands to add ceramic pieces to later... I was able to squeeze out a few photos before my camera batteries died... I can not wait to see them when they come back from being cast...
An excellent day!

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Joelle said...

Hey man, blog already.