March 28, 2008

Deep sigh! The taxes are filed!

So now that the taxes are all tucked safely in at the IRS, I have so much catch up to do it is unreal! How can two charming and (almost) perfect children make such a mess (I had nothing to do with it! I swear!)? Bad parenting! I should be showing them how to become clean, tidy, responsible citizens. Well, at least I'm on the right track with responsible. I feel like I've spent so much time on all the yucky paper work and tax stuff that I can't settle my mind on a fun project to do. I haven't worked much with the clouds. They are very tempting. I did get a chance to do some mold making for some new "tulip" pendants. I've been wanting to work on a mold for an "eiffel tower" frame. I tend to list items for sale, but don't have them actually made yet. I think it would be nice for people to actually see what they are ordering, but nicely enough people usually end up ordering items with no image shown. Very trusting! Here is the new "tulip", I can't wait to see her with some glaze! Unglazed clay always looks so neked! I did a heart shape too that I'm very fond of. The two pendants are slightly different. Would you choose one over the other?


Lorelei said...

Hi Gaea!
I would choose the pendant where the leaves curl in. This seems more Tulip-like. They are BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see them glazed up !

Gaea said...

Yah. Like they are hugging the flower! Thanks. Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference!