March 24, 2008

Spring has sprung... Let the cleaning begin!

It was a funny, bunny filled weekend with lots of candy and spring cleaning. I could have spent another two days on just the studio alone. Our yard sale/donation boxes have piled up to the point where my studio looked like a dysfunctional thrift store rather than a ceramic work area. It is now neatly piled into two sections. The Rescue Mission pile is awaiting it's pick up while the yard sale pile is waiting for a yet to be determined date. I hope it is sooner rather than later! It's time in the sun will soon be here!

Sunday the Easter Bunny made a visit to our house and my big boy shouted "Thank you Easter Bunny! Where ever you are!!!" My little one just had fun following her big brother. Calder noticed that we really don't know what the Big Bunny looks like "for real". I put my two cents in and imagined that he looks like Mr. Herriman from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends (a house hold favorite!) The Easter Bunny brought us a fun new "Harry the Dirty Dog" book. This one is about a neighbor who sings too loudly for Harry's ears! How did the bunny know we had our eye on that new Doug and Melissa play sushi set?!? It is seriously the cutest thing ever! It has chop sticks!

I did get a chance to play with a few new beads and pendants this weekend and incorporated some of the new seed beads that I got back in February. They were such beautiful ocean-esque colors that I had to work in an ocean/mermaid theme. I love giving jewelry "titles", maybe because they seem like art to me. I like "Caught in Her Net" or "The Mermaids Garden". I don't know if it is obvious if the tail is a mermaid tail, my husband didn't guess that. I guess it could just as easily be a fish tail. The glaze is my new favorite color combo, Robins Egg on Brick! Ok. Enough play time, the taxes will not do them selves!

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