March 25, 2008

Taxes Schmaxes!

Ugh! I love this spring weather. I hate these spring taxes! And I'm a bit leery about this economic stimulation money that we are supposed to get in a few weeks. I have a feeling it isn't what it seems. Although I could easily see spending a good chunk on jewelry supplies! Wheee! If you are sent money for stimulating the economy, how or what would you splurge on yourself?


Lorelei said...

Well, the husband I have different ideas of how this is gonna go down. If I had my way, which I, most of the time, do- I would take half and spend it on jewelry doodads, and the other half I would use for some new clothes. I've gone a year spending all of my extra $$ on jewelry and no clothes purchases! I AM LOVE OVERDUE!

Gaea said...

Yah! Clothes are always a fun investment! I think a vacation would be fun.... Ah to dream!