March 20, 2008

Spring has sprung.

It has been so beautiful lately it makes it hard to concentrate. Spring fever indeed. We NEVER water the yard so the bit of rain we've had this winter has had a greening effect on our yard. Makes it hard to find the doggie bombs but oh well. I don't really care to. I did manage to take a few pictures around town of some particularly beautiful scenery.... you can see Shrek and Fiona just behind the trees...

The sky really is that blue!

The Acatia trees are just amazing and photos don't do them justice.


White Iris Designs said...

I love the photo of the acacia tree. I am a floral designer & love to use acacia in my arrangements in the spring. I smell wonderful. kinda like baby powder. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your spring ours hasn't arrived just yet.

Gaea said...

Thanks! They are just amazing! I totally rubber neck to see them! I was so inthralled with how they look that I didn't even notice how they smell. I will have to plant my face in them next time!