January 29, 2009

Darn those paint people!

Last fall while gathering all of the essentials for back to school, we came across the most wondrous of things! Glitter watercolors!!! Seriously? Very pretty! They were on clearance at Target but I only bought one. The colors are all earthy and rich with this fantastic shimmer. I let my girl have a great time with them and by the time I got around to having my turn they were almost all gone! Turns out they are fantastic and I can't find more anywhere!!!! I've tried other brands but they are not the same as the RoseArt set. I did these jewelry designs in early December with them....


Lorelei said...

This is so fun! I love seeing your drawings G~ they are lovely! i need to do this more. Sketch out my designs beforehand. I did it recently with a necklace design I'm mulling over but for some reason it's not clicking yet.
I should mull it over or ask for some advice!

LLYYNN said...

Gaea, I saw your article ... in the Wire Jewelry magazine - I trooped around the place when I got my issue saying smugly 'I know HER! She's FABUlous', LOL.

Have you tried making your own pearlized paints? I have a recipe somewhere using pearl mica and gum arabic. Just a thought! Holler if you want me to dig it up for you.