July 14, 2009

I Heart Jewelry Designers! Fantastic Metals and Gems!

There are quite a few jewelry designers that I admire! Everything else goes out the window when I find jewelry made with metal and semi-precious stones!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jes MaHarry! She actually lives about a stones throw from where I sit now and her work is inspirational! She's been in the Sundance Catalog for ages as Aunt Cookie will attest! Can you imagine that ring?!?!

If you've not noticed Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry then you must stop what you are doing and go and look!

I've mentioned Caitriona Meek and her amazing work but here are a few more to drool over! Check out her new website!

Enjoy the metal!


aunt cookarella said...

all beautiful and inspirational pieces from amazing artisans...

Gaea said...

I am so excited for Caitriona's new site! It has been ages and much fretting in the making! Totally worthy of her wonderful work!