July 24, 2009

What's working for you?

This economy has forced many of us to rethink our business plans in small and large ways. I've trimmed the so called "fat" as much as I can and am constantly looking for unique and interesting ways to draw eyes and hopefully a little business to my little company. Some things work pretty well, like paid advertising, and others not so well like, mail out post cards and print catalogs. Even little things like how a photo looks or the color and size of a font for an ad can get more of my design attention than they would in better times. I actually enjoy looking at all the possibilities. It gives me a chance to be creative in a different way. I've been feeling like people need to see jewelry on a person to know the scale and hang it. As I work from my home studio and have my children with me, we be have become the store models. I will be dragging my friends and family into the photo shoots from time to time, but I wonder, before making a big effort on it... Does seeing jewelry on a person help with the visual for you? I personally like it, but wondered what other opinions there are out there. What is helping you make it through these tough times?Let us know and I'll pull a name Monday to send a beady gift!

Happy Friday all!


TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Gaea!
I am not really into the full on selling like others through Etsy and such, but I do think that it helps to have different views of a piece. I think that Lorelei is a master at this. She photographs her work on lovely uncluttered backgrounds that somehow always relate to the theme or feel of a piece (brilliant! I tend to use the same background...perhaps because I am lazy?) and then she also puts the earrings on herself and takes a picture or wears the bracelet and artfully has her hand in her pocket. I think that is why I have bought her jewelry and wear it with mine. I love all of your work and obviously follow your blog.
As for what I am doing...well, I do hope that by the end of this year that I will be selling online. What and where I don't know, I just know that it is time to reach a larger market than my geo area. But everything I do is custom orders so it is hard for me to create things for imaginary customers! I have been experimenting with paring myself down, editing if you will. I have a tendency to go over the top (but in a good way!). Thanks for getting me to think today! Enjoy the day! Erin

maryharding said...

Hi Gaea,
As always your blog is either fun or thought provoking. I think that photos of jewelry on people is helpful in some ways and in others, it can diminish the piece since it can look lost on the person, depending on the photo. I really enjoy closeups photos of jewlery. But I must admit that I am not a big buyer of jewelry. But I just love looking at pictures of exciting necklaces and bracelets, and we seem to know such great designers that there are always rich experiences here in blogland.
I have been doing a little more teaching which has been helpful to my business. I have a great following of students in this area and really enjoy being with them and learning from them as well.
Hope this is helpful.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Gaea,

I agree with Mary - you know how everything looks good on the models when you're looking at clothes? Then you find out the model is a size 00 and you're a size 16? I always think gee, she looks much bigger in the picture! I prefer to show a couple of different pictures and then give sizes and lengths. I think you show your work very well now. I don't think you have to re-think that part of your business. The jewelry you make stands on its own very nicely!

Good luck and hope you get more customers! Your work deserves to be worn by more people!


sharon said...

I join Cindy and Mary, I don't always think that the best photos are on a model. I really enjoy seeing close up's and different angles to try to see every detail! I too am struggling with how to better sell my product. I think your pieces are so unique and eyecatching, and as soon I as see one I can definitely identify it to you! They are beautiful alone!

mairedodd said...

benefits to both kinds of photography for sure... ok, that was not helpful at all! i do like photos from interesting angles that can show details of the beads and components... i also give dimensions so that someone can have something concrete to work with... haven't done model shots yet... i guess i am into the artistic side of shooting the jewelry to showcase them as, well, wearable art... i want the buyer to be able to appreciate each piece of the whole for what it is - made with care and skill... you always do a beautiful job and it shows... it's just a tough economy... while i know that there can be a practical side to buying jewelry, people that like the kind of jewelry you make are into its uniqueness and personality - the artistry, you know? they connect... and i think they can achieve that 'i gotta have it' moment by seeing details of it... litany all just in my humble opinion! you did ask, and you received!!

Gaea said...

Thank you, everyone, for sharing! It is good to have different eyes and minds to mull these things! I get stuck in my plain white background and then feel like I need to try different things and then sometimes go overboard the other direction! I had to laugh a bit at Cindy's comment about the models being a size 00! Maybe I should put my plus size in the description as well as the jewelry dimensions, for people to be comforted by! Lorelei does an excellent job of showing her excellent work! Inspirational! Again, thank you!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I agree that looking at jewelry at different angles makes the piece seem more interesting but I am a visual person. When I read the dimensions of a necklace I really can't picture how long it will be or how it will drape on the neck until I see it. Plus, I think there is a benefit of having the jewelry coordinate with clothes that the model is wearing. If you are trying to portray a certain feel or attitude with a piece you could embrace that a little more by what the person is wearing or even how their hair is styled. Maybe as others have stated, having a combination of both is the best bet.

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

I love your pictures on a white background because it lets the glaze colors pop (this coming from a white background website person!) I prefer things on a background of any type to on a model, you can't see how the back of a necklace is finished when it's on someone.