July 26, 2010

Did I Blink?

Lot's of beads have gone/are going to lots of good/new homes! I am pleased! What I'm not so pleased about is the way this month is just speeding by! Not that I don't want to get into fall a bit quicker, but this month has just gone by way too fast.

Here is a recap of the madness around here:

We've been to 3 birthday parties.
Celebrated one of our own.
Got a newer car. YES!
Had a tree destroy our carport (and thankfully nothing more precious!)
Went to a really awesome library (more on that later!)
Saw movies (LOVED Despicable Me!!!)
Played at parks.
Stepped in dog poo (twice!)
Made new friends.
Had some reallllly yummy grilled corn. (salt, pepper and a touch of butter) YUM!
Visited with some really great friends.
Made lots and lots of beads (more on that later too!)
And a TON of jewelry!

What does the summer have going for you?


Pretty Things said...

Ok, I ADORE that necklace! Swooooon.

Gaea said...

Thank you Lori! Enjoy your new beads! Happy designing!

aunt c said...

sweet watermelon
lazing on lawn chairs
slip n' slides
time-lapse plant growth : )
diving to the pool drain
fresh strawbs
wind in my hair
the scent of new mown grass
laughing with friends

Janet said...

The sweet life yey! I cannot wait to get my beads! Yea wonderful necklace Gaea!

Gaea said...

Great list Cookie!

Thanks Janet! They are on their way!